Tiger reserve to get monitoring system
Thursday 2nd February 2012

The Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) will soon have a tiger monitoring system that will include camera traps in and around its 321sq.km area, throughout the year, for regular updates on the health and population of tigers. The move is in line with the guidelines of the Wildlife Institute of India and the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the deputy director of MTR, A. Ameer Haja, told DC. “Preliminary training for staff in the MTR has been held recently in this regard and a field study was conducted during which 110 sites were selected for fixing double-sided cameras that would automatically photograph the big cats crossing the zone. The process of procuring cameras for the purpose is underway,” Haja said. This scheme paves the way for the intensive and annual monitoring of tigers at the MTR, he said. This is part of the comprehensive tiger conservation strategy designed by the Centre and this type of activity will allow the MTR administration to regularly get the latest updates regarding the population and health of the tigers, Haja said. The field forest staff in the jungles will regularly monitor the camera traps to ascertain whether the big cats visited that area and to get further details about the tigers, cubs, sex ratio and prey base in the zone and the health of the tigers, he said. This will help in getting data about the potential tiger spots inside the jungles, strengthen anti-poaching activities, strengthen the conservation efforts, he said.