Compensation to families attacked by wild animals
NAGPUR, Friday 16th December 2011


State forest minister Patangrao Kadam on Thursday informed that his department has written to the government to grant compensation to the families bearing economic and human losses due to attacks from wild animals. He was responding to a query in the lower house on the third day of winter session. This issue was raised by Nana Shamkule, Devendra Fadnavis, BJP state president Sudhir Mungantiwar, Atul Deshkar and RS Badole.

According to the minister, various precautionary measures to protect villagers in the regions prone to such attacks were initiated. He added that a monitoring cell was established at the forest department office in Chandrapur district and even a helpline (no: 155314) was set up to help the victims. The forest officials were equipped with tracking systems, walky-talkies and other equipment to report movements of the wild animals.

Even the website - - was given vide publicity through stickers and banners on every vehicle of the forest department. Various measures were also undertaken to spread awareness among the local villagers to help them to reduce their dependencies on the forest resources.

Kadam also responded to a slew of queries related to the human and livestock loss due to wild animals. He mentioned that apart from two deaths and 30 injury cases among villagers, about 1,415 cases of damages caused to the livestock and crops were reported in last four months.

The forest minister added that the forest department in Chandrapur came across 23 cases of human-injuries, 255 livestock loss cases, and 1,086 cases of damage to the crops by tigers and other wild animals around Warora, Bhadravati, Chandrapur, Moharli, Mul, Shivni and Palasgaon.

Similarly, four more human-injury and 67 livestock damage cases were registered under the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR). Apart from this two people died from leopards attacks and three were injured in Nagbhid and Sindevahi taluka under Brahmapuri forest department, Kadam stated.