Corbett National Park To Reopen On Nov 15
Wednesday 2nd November 2011

One of the most popular national parks of India, Corbett is all set to reopen for tourists on November 15. Corbett National Park attracted 2 Lakh tourists last year however this year it could face some test as authorities plan to shift tourism from core zone to buffer zone.

Corbett has responded to the risks surrounding high tourism activity in the core tiger zones. Authorities would encourage tourists to visit more at buffer zone which would also offer great glimpse of wildlife without posing significant threat.

The debate on banning tourism in core areas has heated in last few months. Several environmentalists have recommended banning tourist activity in core areas. A ngo from Bhopal has filed PIL in Supreme Court asking to ban tourism in core areas of national parks in Madhya Pradesh.

Authorities at Corbett have also responded to the issue. They are planning to develop Ramnagar and Terai west forest to encourage tourism in these areas. According to the park authorities these areas offer everything that Corbett has to offer. By developing these areas, we can ease some pressure off the core areas of Corbett without impacting tourism.