Entry Fees Hiked For Premier Zones In Kanha, Bandhavgarh
Thursday 13th October 2011


TO ENSURE least disturbances to wildlife habitats, especially in national parks covered under Project Tiger Madhya Pradesh Government has a different pattern for wildlife tourism for coming season.To be implemented from this year, entries to the premier zones of national parks would become an opportunity exclusively for people falling under riches.

Making slight changes from previous years, entry fee for premier zone Kesli Gate at Kanha National Park would be 2,230 INR for Indian tourists and 3730 INR for foreigners.  In the same manner, same entry fee would be charged for premier zone of Bandhvgarh National Park through Tala gate. Rest of entries for all parks across the state would be 1230 INR for Indian tourists and 2200 INR for foreign tourists. Thus, approximately Rs 1000 have been increased from the previous year’s rates for gate entries but only for the premier zones. Hike of entry fees for core zones, including Kesli under Kanha National Park and Tala under Bandhavgarh National Parks, is likely to affect the number of entries to these zones. Providing lesser entrances to wildlife habitats. The issue of allowing entrance of tourists in core areas was under the debate since last 4 years and now, coming up with hike in entry fees, the administration hopes for better management of parks along with ensuring continuous inflow of resources generated through wildlife tourism. As compared to last years success record for wildlife tourism, more then 1.50 lakh tourists had visited Kanha and around 2 lakes at Bandhavgarh National Parks, both having core areas. The figure in itself indicates towards the quantity of flow of humans inside the forests and wildlife and wildlife habitats, which has increased tremendously during the past couple of years. Opening of parks with new decision of government over entries to core areas with hiked fees is likely to bring only the qualitative flow of tourists to place of quantitative, without actually affecting the economies of wildlife tourism.



                Among 10 parks, Bandhavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve along with Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve have been indentified for premier zones.

                The demarcated core areas are covered through Kesli gate Kanha National Parks and through Tala gate at Bandhavgarh National Park.

                Entry fee for these two premier zones would be Rs 2230 for Indian and Rs 3730 for foreign tourists.

Entry fee for rest the zones in parks across Madhya Pradesh would remain Rs 1230 for Indian and Rs 2200 for foreign tourists.