Two trapping cameras stolen from Palamu Tiger Reserve
DALTONGANJ, Tuesday 13th September 2011

Unidentified people have stolen two trapping cameras from the Garu range of the Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR). The theft took place between August 25 and September 2, said a PTR source. This cameras have a range of 100 metres. The cameras were stolen from Jaigeer and Ramandaag both fall under the Garu range of the PTC and PTR. Garu police station has been informed. Two dozen trapping cameras are installed in the PTR on the basis of presence and movement of wildlife animals to record their movement. The cameras are generally installed in areas frequented by animals. The installation of trapping cameras in Garu range is more than any other place as the area is considered to be a haven for wildlife animals. S E H Kazmi, the conservator-cum-field director of the Palamu Tiger Circle (PTC) PTR comes under PTC has confirmed the theft of the two cameras. "This cameras have no commercial value at all. It is not a studio equipment and cannot take family pictures," he said. Asked as to what could be the reason for the theft when the cameras have no resale value, Kazmi said, "When a person comes close to this camera, it flashes. It sometimes irritates the visitor as one fears his presence is being recorded. So he just takes it away." Sources said elephants had so far not broken or smashed any such trapping cameras as the elephants had in the past pulled down "mile stones" with great interests.Kazmi narrated one instance in which a big cat got irritated when this camera flashed on it.