Tiger attack kills two in Sunderbans
Kolkata, Thursday 7th April 2011
KOLKATA: Two fishermen fell victim to tiger attacks on two consecutive days after they had illegally sneaked into Netidhopani island, the core area of Sundarbans tiger habitat where fishing without permit is prohibited. One fisherman fell victim on Tuesday evening and the other on Wednesday morning, when a 15-member team had gone to the island in search of the body of the first victim.

A group of four from Gosaba's Satyanarayanpur village in Balli had gone fishing near Netidhopani. They were busy hanging their fishing nets on a tree when suddenly a tiger jumped on Subal Sardar. Sardar fell on the ground, thick with muck. The big cat then dragged Sardar away into the deep forest. The entire incident reportedly took place within a few seconds, before anybody could realise anything. Team members Monoranjan Jana, Srinath and Swarup carried out an abortive search for the next 45 minutes.

They then went back to their village to leave the next day for Netidhopani with renewed strength. Monoranjan, Srinath and Swarup left early on Wednesday with 12 more fishermen to look for the body. When they reached the island, it was dawn. They started looking for the blood-trail. They reached a spot where they thought the body of Subal could be found.

Suddenly they heard a scream and saw that a tiger had jumped on Monoranjan. The right paw had struck the head. Other fishermen raised an alarm. The noise startled the tiger. He loosened his grip over Monoranjan and jumped on another man.

Before anybody realised, he had been taken away by the tiger, said Swarup.