Manpower crisis, poor infrastructure plaguing most NE tiger reserves
GUWAHATI, Sunday 31st July 2011

Except Kaziranga, majority of the tiger reserves in the northeast are suffering either from inadequate manpower or poor infrastructure.

The latest report on Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE) of Tiger Reserves in India prominently highlighted that inadequate staff, no proper buffer zone, poor conservation, infrastructure and untimely release of funds as some of the weaknesses in many tiger reserves of the region.

Kaziranga has found place in the "very good" category along with 13 other tiger reserves across the country. Manas in Assam, Pakke in Arunachal Pradesh and Dampa in Mizoram were in the category of "good" along with eight other tiger reserves of the country in this category. Only Nameri in Assam and Namdapha in Arunachal were included in the "satisfactory" category along with four other tiger reserves of the country.