Tiger cub killed on Corbett road
Dehradun, Saturday 30th July 2011
A tiger cub was run over by a speeding vehicle on the road passing through Dhela range of the Corbett National Park on Friday. Corbett director Ranjan Kumar Mishra said a female tiger cub — aged about three months — was found dead on Dhela Road. The cub had sustained major head injury, leading to massive bleeding. Park authorities are conducting a drive to check all vehicles at nearby resorts for signs of blood to identify who’s responsible. Mishra added that the numbers and timing of vehicles passing through the checkpost on Dhela Road used to be noted during the night but due to the uncooperative attitude of vehicle users, among other factors, this system had become lax. It is expected that checking will be stringent once again, and all vehicles on the road after 7:30 pm will be identified to help narrowing down on suspects in case of deaths of wild animals. Honorary Wildlife Warden of Corbett and National Tiger Conservation Authority member Brijendra Singh said that considering the death of another tiger on Ramnagar road the previous year, the need for controlling speed and number of vehicles using such roads was essential.