Problem tiger tranquillized near Bramhapuri
CHANDRAPUR, Monday 4th April 2011

CHANDRAPUR: A team of tranquilization experts on the hunt of a troublesome tiger in Bramhapuri forest range finally trapped the beast and removed it from the jungle on Sunday evening. ACF, Tadoba Andahri Tiger Reserve (TATR) Ajay Pillariseth successfully shot the tranquillizing dart in the tiger at around 5pm and drugged it to sleep.

This troublesome tiger had attacked three humans, killing two and injuring one, in separate instances in a span of just 10 days. The tiger had made its first human kill on the night of March 18, at a farm near village Kirmiti Mendha. Later, it injured one Murari Ganvir from village Saygata on March 26 and killed Anantrao Sondawle from village Mayar the very next day.

The pugmarks and camera trap results collected from all three place revealed that the same tiger was involved in all three attacks on humans. The beast was moving in the thin and degraded forest area with many villages in the area. Alarmed forest officials had ordered for its tranquilization on March 29 and a team of experts was deployed in the area to remove the tiger to another territory.

"Our tranquillizing expert successfully sedated the problem tiger. ACF Pillariseth tranquillized the beast in compartment no. 34 of Bramhapuri FDCM in Umargunda talao area in the evening. The tiger has been caged and removed to another location where it will be examined by veterinary doctor," said DCF, Bramhapuri forest division, Sanjay Thawre.

Sources claimed that there is an injury on the head of the captured tiger, however, Thawre claimed ignorance about the injury and said that only after examination by expert veterinary doctor would details about its health emerge. He also confirmed that it was a sub-adult tiger. Sources claimed that the tiger was removed to Moharli (territorial) range near TATR, where they have a facility for safekeeping and treatment of stressed animals.