Two tiger cubs brought to Van Vihar from Bandhavgarh
Tuesday 12th July 2011

Two tiger cubs were brought from Bandhavgarh National Park to Van Vihar .These two cubs from the same mother are about two-years-old. After arrival of these male tiger cubs, the number of tigers in Van Vihar has reached 12. There are nine tigers and one white tigress already in the Van Vihar.
These two tiger cubs have been kept in separate housing in Van Vihar. They will be quarantined from other animals for one month. During this period, their health checks and vaccinations will be undertaken.
Generally, a tigress keeps a cub with her for one and a half years. After this period, cubs are separated from mother. These two cubs are offspring of Mirachhani tigress of Bandhavgarh National Park, who had given birth to them in the same litter in 2009.
Now the number of man-eater tiger in the Van Vihar has reached 12. Earlier in 2008, another man-eater tiger Nahar was brought to the Van Vihar. Besides these tigers, there are five man-eater leopards also in the Van Vihar. Their names are Salman, Jhiriya, Khusi, Neemu and Nimi. Man-eater tigers and leopards are kept under adequate security and constant vigil is maintained on the enclosures where they are kept. Man-eater tigers become aggressive on seeing human beings. Therefore, they are kept at places where there is minimum human interference. These tigers are used for conservation breeding.